Wzory włóczkowe SCHACHENMAYR <3


Lanessa Headband


Circumference- 48 cm
Width- 15 cm


Schachenmayr Luxury Velvet
100 g bali about 75 m/100 g
(3.5 oz ^ 82 yds)
Col 00030 (cherry)

1 bali

The amount of yam reguired can vary from person to person.
1 circular needle, size 6.5 mm, 60 cm long,1 spare needle
Waste yarn for provisbnal cast on 1 tapestry/yarn needle for weaving in ends

Moss St:

Row 1: *K1. pi; rep from * to last st. kl.
Repeat row 1 for moss st patt.

Moss St: 10 sts and 15 rows – 10 x 10 cm

If your gauge differs from the given gauge. use needles of a larger or smaller size accordingly.


Using 6.5 mm needles and waste yarn, cast on 15 sts. Rowl(WS): Purl.
Row 2: Knit.
Break off waste yarn andjoin in main yarn.
E*eg with a RS row. work in moss st patt until piece meas 4S cm from beg. ending with a WS row.
Do not break yarn.

Remove waste yam and place sts of first row worked in main yarn onto spare needle.
Twist working needle so that the wrong side of work is fa- cing.
Hold the two needles parallel and insert a third needle into the first stitch on each needle and knrt them together. Knit the next two stitches in the same way. Slip the first stitch on the third needle over the second stitch and off the needle. Repeat for 3-needle bind-off.
Btock to measurements.

If desired , very carefully singe the yarn ends with a lighter to łuse the fibers. This should only be carried out by adults and only outdoors or over a fireproof surface. Rease pay attention to glowing and/or scorching fibers that can fali down.





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